Design Studio in Asakusa, Tokyo




  • 名刺・DM(両面):¥22,000〜
  • チラシ(片面):¥22,000〜
  • ポスター:¥55,000〜
  • パンフレット(ページ単価):¥22,000〜
  • ロゴ(マーク+ロゴタイプ):¥110,000〜


  1. お問合せ
    • Contact Formより制作物のご希望をお知らせください。内容、形態、部数、納期、ご予算など、お分かりの範囲で結構です。2営業日以内にご返信いたします。
  2. お打合せ
    • オンラインまたは首都圏近郊でお打合せいたします。
  3. お見積・ご契約
    • お見積書と契約書をメールでお送りします。ご了承いただけましたら制作に入ります。
  4. デザイン制作・お客さまご確認
    • 制作物の校正紙(PDFファイル)をメールにてお送りいたします。
    • ご確認の上、ご希望があれば修正点をご連絡ください。修正は2回まで無料です。
  5. 印刷加工
    • 印刷所に入稿し、印刷工程に入ります。ご希望があれば色校正も承ります(別途料金が掛かります)。
    • 内容により数日から数週間で完成します。
  6. 納品・お支払い
    • 宅配便にてお届けいたします。
    • ご請求書は別途メールにてお送りいたします。銀行振込にて納品日より2週間以内にお支払いお願いいたします。

We always appreciate your order! We’d love to work with clients of all sizes, both locally and internationally. Feel free to contact us. We make an estimate depending on your request.*

*We would not take your order in case of anything contrary to public order or illegal contents, political or religious contents, and any slander against a third party.

Design fee (printing fee excluded)
  • Business card/DM (double sided): ¥22,000 or more
  • Flyer (one side): ¥22,000 or more
  • Poster: ¥55,000 or more
  • Pamphlet (per page): ¥22,000 or more
  • Logo (logomark + logotype): ¥110,000 or more
From Inquiry to Delivery Process

It will take a few weeks to a few months from order to delivery depending on the product.

  1. Order
    • Please let us know what product you would like via the contact form. (the content, format, number of copies, delivery date, budget, etc) We will reply to you within two business days.
  2. Consultation
    • Please meet with us online or in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  3. Estimate and Contract
    • We will e-mail you an estimate and a contract form and will start creating after your agreement.
  4. Production and Proof Check
    • Proof(s) will be sent to you via email.
    • Please check the proof and contact us with any corrections if you wish. Up to two revisions are free of charge.
  5. Printing Process
    • The printing process will begin at the printer. Color proofing is available upon request (additional fee will be charged).
    • It will take a few days to a few weeks depending on the content.
  6. Delivery and Payment
    • The finished product will be delivered by courier service.
    • The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. Please pay by bank transfer within 2 weeks from the date of delivery.